This is China’s warning to Japan over warship deployment to South China Sea


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Tuesday said Beijing hasn’t been told officially of the purpose of Japan’s deployment of its largest warship in South China Sea.

Hua said they will only have objections if the boat doesn’t pass through the waters “normally.”

“If it’s only a normal visit, going to several countries, and passing normally through the South China Sea, then we’ve got no objections, and we hope this kind of normal exchange between relevant countries can play a role promoting regional peace and stability,” she said as to warn ahead of time.

“But if going to the South China Sea has different intentions, then that’s a different matter,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, Japan disclosed it will deploy the Izumo helicopter carrier, a 24,000-ton warship, to hold joint naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, with ships from the navies of the US and India, a Japanese military spokesman said on Monday, March 13.

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