US unveils non-wrecking weapon that can take down a City


America may soon unveil its next secret weapon classified as an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) artillery shell that paralyzes an enemy city without carrying high explosive materials.

Instead they will emit EMP bursts, or some other non-kinetic technology, to disrupt the computers, radio communications, Internet links and other ties that bind modern societies. And do so without creating any physical damage.

The weapon is dubbed as the twenty-first-century version of the neutron bomb, that notorious Cold War weapon designed to kill Soviet soldiers through a burst of radiation, while inflicting little damage to property. Except this weapon targets the radio frequency networks that keep a nation functioning.

In addition, the weapon must fit in a 155-millimeter artillery projectile, with the eventual goal of shrinking the weapon’s size so that a single shell can carry multiple sub-munitions, each capable of creating electronic havoc.

But shell launched from a 155-millimeter howitzer suggests the targets will only be ten or twenty miles away.


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