US unveils non-damaging weapon that can take down a City (PART II)


In a new US Army research proposal, The concept is expressed in a single paragraph below:

Extensive use of wireless RF [radio frequency] networking for critical infrastructure and communications systems provides an alternative attack vector for the neutralization of an adversary’s underlying industrial, civil, and communications infrastructure without the destruction of the hardware associated with those systems. Advances in munitions-based microelectronics and power technologies make possible the implementation of non-kinetic cyber and electromagnetic – or electronic warfare (EW) – attacks that could be delivered via artillery launched munitions. The precision delivery of the non-kinetic effects (NKE) electronics payload close to the target allows low power operation which limits the geographical extent of impacted systems, and reduces the overall impact on the electromagnetic spectrum.

However, the proposal does not specify how all this is to be accomplished. A query to the Army didn’t shed much light.

In an email, the project scientist responded to The National Interest saying that the project is “open to a broad range of non-kinetic effects.”

Meanwhile, North Korea allegedly has such devices, and Russia claims to have equipped aircraft and drones with them, while the Pentagon has been working on high-power microwave weapons for years.

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