U.S supplying weapons to PH

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President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledge the United States for supplying weapons to the Philippine government to fight the Islamic State terrorist in Marawi City.

Also the China was supplying Firearms and ammunition.

PhilStar said, Duterte point out he do not want a new military alliances with other nations even if he has other sources of weapons and ammunition.

“So I cannot enter into military alliances with other nations because I would be violating the US-RP agreement. We would stay with the Americans. So what are my misgivings? You know I have a duty to perform. As I have said…my duty is to preserve and defend the Filipino nation,” Duterte said.

The President also cited the P370 million worth of ammunition China has donated last June 28 in support of the country’s counter-terrorism efforts in Marawi City.

“We just bought additional firepower. No more bidding. And besides, I have two sources of weaponry and to my credit, let us give where credit is due. The United States helped the Armed Forces in this fight. And China committed and delivered a lot of firearms for us,” he said.

However, Duterte said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had told him they are going to help against the terrorist and he welcomes all the help for additional firepower that would come from other countries.

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