Troops pinned down by sniper fire


When Philippine troops advanced on positions held by Islamist militants in Marawi City last week, they were caught in a kill zone, Maxdefence Philippines said.

Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera, a military spokesman said the military was advancing toward the inner city, but added there are still sniper positions as they continue to assess the battlefield.

Technical Sergeant Mahamud Darang said his armored carrier came under fire from a black-clad militant firing rocket-propelled grenades as a column of troops crossed the Agus River toward the commercial center of Marawi City.

One soldier died and Darang and four soldier was wounded and taken to hospital.

Herrera said on Thursday that the army had retaken higher ground to the east of the city, reducing the enemy’s field of fire.

“The snipers are good, they make sure that with every shot, someone is killed or wounded,” said Pendaton Guro, a retired colonel who has stayed on in Marawi to Reuters.

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