These videos show how hard Hurricane Irma hit Florida

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 3.44.38 AM

Hurricane Irma continues on its destructive path after making landfall twice in Florida on Sunday morning.

At least 6.5 million homes and businesses lost power in Florida, nearly two-thirds of the state. More than 100,000 people waited out the storm in shelters. Large sections of Everglades City remain flooded, and authorities across south Flrodia urged residents to wait for the all-clear on roads and evacuation zones, given dangerous downed power lines, trees, and contaminated floodwaters.

Storm surge caught on camera in riverside.

Storm chaser gets into the eyewall of Hurricane Irma yesterday in Naples, Florida, where winds were over 120mph.

Floodwaters pour into Jacksonville Florida as the tide continues to rise.

Looters were also seen loading boxes of shoes and clothes into cars outside a business in the Midtown area of the Miami.

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