Some refugees die in evacuation center


One of the officials say after of four weeks since fierce fighting broke out in the southern Philippines, some people who fled the battle are dying in overcrowded and unsanitary evacuation centers, GMA news said.

At least 19 people of refugees die with diarrhea and allergies because of lack of food and water. Many of those who dies were elderly and pre-existing conditions.

According to Alinader Minalang, the health director for the Lanao del Sur province three hundred cases of diarrhea have been recorded among the nearly 40,000 people huddled in emergency shelters set up in community halls, gymnasiums and Islamic schools.

“My children are getting sick. One has diarrhea and another has an allergic reaction on his skin—the water we have to use here is not good,” said Tarhata Mostare, who was staying with more than 800 other people in a high school hall in Iligan City, 40 km (25 miles) km from Marawi.

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