Scavenger in Pangasinan finds PHP165,000 in trash bag


A woman who makes her living as a scavenger in the town of Tayug in the province of Pangasinan has found PHP165,000 in cash in a trash bag.

Maria Lozano, had been collecting recyclable materials when she found the trash bag in front of the Sacred Heart Savings Cooperative office. When she looked inside the trash bag, there was a pouch, which contained the money.

According to The Philippine Star, Lozano sought the help of former village chief Alberto Mayrong, who turned it over to Chief Inspector Marcos Anod, officer-in-charge of the town police.

Police turned the money over to Michelle Gasmen, teller of Sacred Heart Saving Cooperative, who said she left the cash to her manager as she had to leave the office early last Friday.

The manager apparently placed the cash in a trash bag instead in the vault.

Police have yet to question the manager.

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