Latest update on SM City North EDSA fire


Fire inspectors are still investigating the cause of the fire that broke out at SM City North EDSA on Sunday night.

According to a report by Mav Gonzales on Unang Balita today, the fire was started at around 8 p.m. in the SM warehouse on the fourth floor.

Fire Inspector Rodelio Bernabe, commander of the Bureau of Fire Protection – Agham Substation, said “they coordinated with the mall’s security to clear the area to prevent a stampede if the lights go off.”

In the video, you will see smoke coming out of SM Department Store yet people are still continuing to mill around, and there some instances one of the shoppers pay their purchase in the cashier not knowing there`s a fire just a couple of floors above them.

Fire out was declared past 10:30 p.m. and authorities need to determine the damages estimate.

However, Bernabe said the warehouse lacked ventilation because even the sprinkle worked the placed was too high up on the ceiling it took a while before the water could douse the flames.

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