FA-50 jets, ground forces kill 21 Moro rebels


Col. Diosdado Carreon, 601st Infantry Brigade commander, said FA-50 jets, MG 520 attack helicopters were used in the assault with the assistance of ground forces which killed at least 21 rebels.

The offensives were launched from March 13 to 16 also resulting to injure 26 other militants, according to the military.

Capt. Jo-Ann Petinglay, the military’s Western Mindanao Command spokesperson, said the military had been validating reports that alleged foreign terrorist Muhammad Ali bin Abdulrahman, alias Muawiyah, and Singaporean bomb expert Salahuddin Hassan were among those killed in the military assaults in the outskirts of Datu Salibo town.

Petinglay said Esmael Abdulmalik, alias Abu Toraype, founder of new terror group Dawlah Islamiyah Maguindanao, was also killed. Abdulmalik is also a member of the BIFF, Petinglay said.

The assaults were launched after foreign terrorists were sighted with local BIFF forces in the villages of Andavit and Tee in Datu Salibo.

Brig. Gen. Arnel dela Vega, 6th ID chief and head of Joint Task Force Central, said no casualty was reported on the government side.

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