F-18 from USS Carl Vinson crashes in Philippines


A pilot ejected a Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter jet on its final approach to the USS Carl Vinson as the carrier steamed north toward the Korean Peninsula, U.S. Navy officials confirmed on Friday.

Crews quickly rescued the unnamed pilot who wasn’t hurt, the officials said. The Carl Vinson was in the Celebes Sea at the time, south of the Philippines.

The pilot has safely ejected and was quickly recovered by a helicopter assigned to HSC-4 aboard USS Carl Vinson while conducting routine flight operations, US 7th Fleet Command said in a statement.

Navy officials have said the Carl Vinson, intended as a show of force to North Korea, will arrive in the region next week.

Top U.S. officials have described the deployment as a message to North Korea as it conducts missile tests, and may be planning a nuclear test.

The Carl Vinson is accompanied by a destroyer ship with an Aegis combat system to track and intercept missiles.

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