NASA chooses this aerial car for Uber


Mark Moore, a NASA aeronautics engineer since the 1980s, has announced his new role as director of engineering at Uber’s flying car initiative, Uber Elevate. Moore was chosen for the job due to his groundbreaking work on Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) technology.

Uber hopes his expertise will give them an edge over competitors like Google, who are also trying to take your commute to the skies.

In a 2010 paper published by NASA, Moore argued that small, personal aircraft that take off and land without extensive infrastructure could be made economically feasible with the use of VTOL technology.

His work inspired Google co-founder Larry Page to fund the creation of two flying-car start-ups: Zee Arrow and Kitty Hawk.

Now Moore, in joining Uber, has gone over to Google’s most prominent rival seeking to make the 20th century science-fiction staple a reality.

In spite of this grand vision, and claims to implement pilot programs by 2025, Uber has not begun construction of a functional air cab. Many obstacles stand in the way of such technologies, including noise pollution, battery life, and, of course, cost. Uber is looking to Moore and his team to solve these, and many other challenges.

Watch Flying Car – AeroMobil 3.0 demonstration:

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