LOOK: China releasing chemicals to kill fish around Pagasa Island


Residents of Philippine-occupied Pag-asa Island in the West Philippine Sea reportedly confirmed that Chisese vessels are regularly releasing chemicals to destroy the corals and marine species around the island.

According to Kalayaan ATIN ITO Facebook page, “China is aggressively removing economic activities of the civilian community at the Kalayaan Island Group to drive away civilians and isolate the Islands.”

Natural ecosystem and the “bahura” or coral reefs around Pag-asa Island are destroyed and the source of livelihood of Filipino fisherfolk are adversely affected.

“Once all civilians are gone, Chinese military activities to occupy the islands will be easier.” it said.

Pag-asa is surrounded by around 20 to 30 hectares of reefs that are home to aquarium and commercial fish.

It provides livelihood and food for the island’s 200 dwellers. It is often visited by rare types of turtles like the endangered leatherback.

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