Duterte is ‘unwanted guest’ in Israel -Haaretz Editorial


Amid welcoming statements of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the upcoming visit of the Philippine President, some are unlikely in favor despite that Rodrigo Duterte is currently clear of any international offenses.

On Monday, a senior official in Israel’s Foreign Ministry said “there are many controversial leaders in the world and many countries that criticize them. Duterte is not boycotted by the world, there are no sanctions against him and he has visited a number of countries since taking office.”

Both sides are currently working together to secure a date for the trip after Duterte expressed interest in coming to the Jewish state according to media reports.

One of Israel’s longest-running media, Haaretz, published a commentary column on March in a figurative phrase of the planned visit: “Why not? Duterte is innocent of any sin that could stain his image as president.”

“He only encourages police officers and civilians to kill suspects in drug dealing without the judicial process. Thousands have already been killed during his term. The voice that eggs on hasty executions is not always punctilious about etiquette. His model in the war against drugs is Adolf Hitler and the extermination of the Jews,” it said.

The columnist said the “enlightened world is not interested in granting legitimacy to Duterte does not interest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu too much.”

“Nonetheless, it would be better if Netanyahu, in his position as foreign minister as well as premier, would display responsibility and find a diplomatic excuse to call off this visit.”

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