A Hindu Gurkha Soldier killed 3 ISIS with a Kukri knife


A Special Air Service (SAS) Hindu Soldier reportedly stabbed to death three ISIS members with a traditional Gurkha knife when the militants tried to abduct him in Fallujah.

The SAS soldiers are reportedly fighting Daesh in Libya and Iraq, advising curter attacks and also occasionally taking part in fighting, they are also responsible for assassinating Jihadis high-up in the ranks of terrorist organizations.

According to a report by Daily Star, a SAS soldier was caught in a stand-off with the ISIS members with an Iraqi team after the Islamic jihadists bombed a factory in Fallujah. Several Iraqi soldiers were killed, and four were seriously injured in the face-off.

The 27-year-old Hindu Gurkha soldier had apparently been gifted the Kukri knife by another British Gurkha soldier and he used it as a defense against ISIS.

As per Defense News, one of the IS tried to stop him but he pull out his knife and began slashing the enemy.He decapitated the first gunman, slit the throat of second and killed another with a third blow. He then sliced away at three others. The coward Islamic IS gunmen fled in panic allowing the Hindu SAS soldier to carry the injured men to safety.

The other soldier are expecting that his been killed because of the blood all over his body but he explain that its not from him.

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