China’s secret stealth nuclear submarine – capable of reaching US


China’s latest secret stealth submarine called the ‘Jin’ Type 094A is believed to be carrying missiles soon – powerful enough to reach America.

The 094A has a large ‘hump’ packed with 12 submarine-launched ballistic missiles known as ‘big waves’, with a range of over 11,000km.

The Popular Science said it has seen emerging images of the sub at Hainan Island, in the underground submarine base at Yulin, is a new version of China’s Type 084A sub, four of which have been seen before.

It said the new variant is more aerodynamic underwater due to its curved tower and front. Also with a bigger missile payload bay, it is believed to carry new ‘big wave’ missiles.

Known as the JL-2A, the Type 094A has a 11,200-kilometer range which means it could reach almost the entire US from its home base.

A recent Congressional report says Chinese subs are already patrolling with nuclear-armed JL-2 missiles able to strike targets more than 4,500 nautical miles.

Meanwhile, the country is reportedly working on another nuclear attack submarine, the Type 095, which could launch before 2020.

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